Keep calm and use our warranty. 

Please check on the product page if our voluntary warranty applies for your product. 

We do not offer warranty for textiles like shirts - because this makes no sense really.



In the rare case of any issue with your bracelet, you can send it back to us and we repair it for you free of charge.

What we cover:

  • damaged flex-band (please make sure you send us all the stones)

  • we can replace a few (!) damaged stones

  • we can add a few (!) missing stones 

What we don't cover:

  • scratches on stones through use

  • damage in an 'abstract' way

  • loss of more than 20% of the bracelet beads

You can also take part in our upcycling mission and simply send back your bracelet to get a voucher for a new one. Please read more here.