Gold Liquid



We are working on an online magazine sponsored by the profits of our shop.
The focus of the magazine is to portrait people and companies, which are

dedicated to make impact and open discussions about our problems as a society.

Currently we are developing the online front-end of the project.

We will keep you up to date here and in our newsletter.


Fuck. 2020 - What was that?

If there is something we all learned, it's that nothing is for granted. Our world and our life can change in just a matter of days.

And now we crave so much for yesterday - waiting for everything to get back to "normal". The "normal' we felt so comfortable with.
It's like this song by The Beatles - "Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away."


But wasn't 2020 more about the merciless realization that our yesterday is our today, and will be our tomorrow?
As a matter of fact, our troubles from yesterday are not fading away. They're here to confront us stronger than ever.
And more than ever, it's on us to listen and to take action.


No year knew anything less about itself than this memorable 2020.
In some ways, we connected, and other ways, we felt alone and we faced the truth -

we don't know what or who to believe anymore. And that is the problem.


We are a generation with great freedom, opportunities that have never been available before and the world is in our pocket.

We feel proud and connected.

So instead of longing for yesterday, we are here to change our today and our tomorrow and we need to rethink our normal.

Our society needs reliable and sustainable voices and companies, dedicated to make an impact.

We are the generation to take action.

We need to change our wasteful and unsustainable behavior.
And we need to do it, not just talk about it.

We are YOUNG..

But we are