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Updated: Mar 5, 2021

There has been an increased interest in alternative and traditional medicine and therapies recently.

It is a global movement whereby people are going back to ancient healing remedies to help with ailments or simply to improve their well-being.


Modern medicine is a fairly recent phenomenon. While we take antibiotics, vaccines, and surgery for granted, these breakthroughs have been a long time coming. Germ theory, which forms the basis of our understanding of most infectious diseases, was not formalized and incorporated in scientific literature until the 19th century.

Therefore, prior to these discoveries and innovations, individuals gained healing through several traditional methods. Lately, there has been a renewed interest in these alternative medical practices. This trend can be observed worldwide and indicates a global movement whereby people are going back to ancient healing remedies to help with ailments or simply to improve their well-being.

Modern medicine may be efficient and provides quick results, yet it appears too apathetic for some people's liking. Doctors and nurses are trained to remain to be professional and treat patients without getting emotional. This has been one of the main reasons for the resurgence of traditional healing techniques. More and more people are getting in tuned with nature and going back to a more conventional lifestyle in every aspect, including looking for remedies and healing techniques.


One popular methodology is the use of stones. Stones have always been used as a means to heal and improve wellness, both physical and mental. The use of crystals and stones to cure illnesses dates back to ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia, and Plato's account of the lost city of Atlantis also mentions crystal healing. New Age healing techniques have revitalized this form of therapy for every disease, ranging from cancer and AIDS to chronic back pain and schizophrenia. You name it, and there is a crystal or a combination of one that will help relieve a medical condition.

All over the world, in India, China, and many African countries, men and women both wear special jewelry to incorporate stone healing. Natural stone bracelets are particularly popular and are worn for various reasons based on the type of stone used, like increasing strength, vitality, or fertility. In many societies wearing stones is embedded in the culture.


The healing properties of stones are associated with the concept of life energy, also known as Chi in Chinese philosophy and chakras in Hindu philosophy. Life energy is believed to flow through every living thing. This energy must be in equilibrium for a person to experience good health and joy. Any imbalance in the equilibrium produces undesirable effects in the form of physical maladies or psychological issues.

Stones produce unique vibrations based on their specific molecular structure, which helps restore the natural balance of the life force. Since each stone has its specific molecular structure, the vibrations it produces are specific and target a particular aspect of life. In Hindu philosophy, for instance, specific colored stones represent certain parts of the body. Like amethyst is associated with the head (the crown chakra) and is used for improving memory and cognitive process, among other things.


Now, you may be wondering which stones help with what kind of conditions. Well, there are hundreds of stones, and every variation has its particular purpose. To guide you through some basic stone properties, here are a few ones that we have compiled:


This shimmery, smooth blue stone has a striking appearance with a line down the middle of the stone, making it seem like a cat’s eye, thus the name tiger eye. Usually coming in hues of black and dark blue, the stone has variations of greens and browns added in as well. The blue tiger eye stone, in particular, is used to alleviate stress and induce calm. It can be complemented by using lava stone to balance the calm nature of this stone.


Lava stones are formed when molten lava solidifies and are thus found in volcanic rocks. Lava stones have a vesicular structure and are usually dark-colored. They represent energy as they embody the force and power of an erupting volcano. It stands for strength as the stone is the outcome of extreme heat and pressure. This is why lava stones work so well with the blue tiger eye stones, as the two work in perfect symphony together.


Jet black and shiny, the black onyx has an unmistakable look and aura to it. Associated with the root chakra, the black onyx has calming properties similar to the blue tiger eye. The stone protects against negativity, including the evil eye, and keeps the wearer safe. It also increases introspection and provides intuitive guidance.


The white jade is another famous stone known for its healing properties. It comes in cream or off-white colors and is said to represent light and positive energy. It is used in talismans to help against everything from loneliness and past trauma to giving protection against malevolent forces. In Chine, white jade is also known to bring good luck.


Having red and white stripes across it, the Snakeskin Jasper is said to have healing powers, especially for the torso region. It is used for improving all the organs within the torso region, including the gall bladder, kidneys, liver, spleen, and stomach. It also encourages emotional healing and has also been known to bring good luck.


Wearing stones and using them on a daily can help restore balance in life and improve well-being. Healing stones are entirely natural and have zero side effects, which means that even if they do not produce any positive effects, they cannot have any harmful effects.

There is a philosophical thought behind using stones to cure diseases, and the idea has some scientific basis as stones have minerals that can improve bodily functions.

The use of stones in jewelry has helped bring the science of healing through stones and crystals to the forefront. Not only does wearing the jewelry assist with healing, but it also improves the aesthetics. Having a natural stone bracelet can empower you and bring good luck or help improve kidney function, depending upon the stones or combinations of stones used in the bracelet.

Embrace a more natural way of life by riding your mind, body, and soul of toxins and pollutions and reverting to ancient healing techniques that were effective, powerful, and ingrained. Improve your well-being by leading a balanced life with the help of natural stones and crystals.


It's up to you what you believe in. Most important is it makes you happy and feel good. Don't you think?

Take care & stay healthy, ≠